(Photograph courtesy of Mario Galluci)

DesiPDX is a food cart, not a food truck. meaning that we cannot bring our whole kitchen to you to serve food; however, we are able to provide Local Fare with Indian Flair for your meetings, workshops, and other gatherings.

We provide several options for you to pick from:

  1.  For orders of up to 20 people, we can just cook and package up individual meals from our standard menu.
  2. For orders of up to 40 people, we can provide disposalbe family style containers of food food for buffets.
  3. We can do formal catering where we have chafing pans and service utensils for weddings and other larger events but there is a $2000 minimum. Due to health department regulations, we are not allowed to this level of catering from our food cart so we will either rent a commercial kitchen and that cost is included in our estimate.
  4. Finally, we are also able to do custom menus for dinner parties at your house! Both family style and multi-course plated options are available.

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